Bear Fruit is a small family farm near Harrisburg, Oregon. 

Our vision when we started was to provide our community with quality fruit, and to raise our family on a working farm.

The blueberry patch was originally Pristine Fruits, owned by Mark and Lori Whitham. Gene and Jeanette Hursh took over in 2004 and it became Blueberry Ridge. Then we came along in 2007 and once again the name was changed... this time to Bear Fruit!

We are currently a family of seven: TJ and Marcia Bear, Jordan (16), Mindy (14), Jaxon (6), Jerry (4), and
Hudson (1).

TJ grew up in Ohio with a non ag background. He’s still not sure which end of a hoe to hold!
Marcia grew up just a mile down the road from the blueberry patch on a grass seed farm. She also spent time working here at the blueberries growing up. So for her, farming is second nature.

We were married in 2001 just three days after the 9-11 attacks. We’ve had 18 (and counting!) great years together. God has blessed us tremendously, and we invite you to come out and let us share those blessings with you!

We love providing you with our delicious blueberries and a peaceful day out in the country. It’s also a
great way for us to reconnect with old friends and get to know more of our community better!